There ain’t nothin’ to it, but to HQ it.

When HQ Trivia re-launched, I crafted their new brand voice on Twitter. Project highlights coming soon. 

After 28 days:
29.4%︎︎︎ organic tweet impressions (4.6M).
15.2%︎︎︎ total interactions.


HQ Trivia

“Social Media”

Social Media

This is your Nose on Neti Pot.

Neti Pot is the best way to blow your nose. It’s also the gross-est way, which turns people off before ever giving it a chance. We created a campaign that shows the soothing sensation of Neti Pot through Oddly Satisfying, the irresistible internet trend.  

Young Shits recognized us as Sept 2019’s “Profesh Shits that came so close to winning” (AKA Professional Runners-Up). Never in my life did I expect to be called that endearingly. Talk about oddly satisfying.

Neti Pot

“Oddly Satisfying”


Art Direction: 
Hayley Buchholz
Mack Bateman

Adding odd satisfaction to your instagram feed (click to expand).

Neti Pot has no hands. It does have Twitter fingers @noseonnetipot.

Neti Pot’s Oddly Satisfying Word of the Day desk calendar to help you share the feeling at work without acting like a weirdo.

Out of home, gently reminding you how your nose will feel on Neti Pot.

Damn, I wish I wrote that.

That’s what I used to think when I read these iconic manifestos. I don’t think that anymore. 

Ad Libs is the ad-nerd’s spin on Mad Libs, letting anyone put some personal flare into their favorite brand anthems. Download one and make it your own : Find Your Greatness // Think Different // Go Forth.

Ad Libs


Copy & Art Direction: 
Mack Bateman

Work for those who make a difference, or Be the One.

I had the opportunity to work on the newly rebranded Publicis Sapient’s first recruitment campaign, targeting North America’s best and brightest young technologists. The problem was, PS wasn’t on their radar.

We created a campaign that introduced Publicis Sapient to candidates across the USA, shared work they’d eventually shape, and conveyed that a first job here would be more than just a “first job.” It’d be a chance to Be the One.

Publicis Sapient Recruiting

“Be the One”

Social Media

Publicis Sapient

Art Direction:
Mercy Tabares
Mack Bateman

The campaign led with posts highlighting award-winning work done by Publicis Sapient to show our target the types of projects they’d eventually help build.

Select instagram stories.

We built an interactive booth with a tote bag printing press for the world’s largest gathering of female technologists. We also threw a mixer with John Maeda, Publicis Sapient CXO.

A new brand every day for two weeks straight.

Creative-muscle workouts. Each little baby concept was conceived in 24 hours or less. Credit and thanks to Jeremy Carson for inspiring this Ad-a-Day challenge.

Ad-a-Day Challenge


Copy & Art Direction:
Mack Bateman