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Neti Pot

This is Your Nose on Neti Pot

🏆 Young Shits — Professional Runner-Up

What I did: Copywriting, Strategy
Neti Pot is the best way to blow your nose. It’s also the gross-est way, which turns people off before ever giving it a chance. We created a campaign that shows the soothing sensation of Neti Pot through Oddly Satisfying, the irresistible internet trend.  

Young Shits recognized us as Sept 2019’s “Profesh Shits that came so close to winning” (AKA Professional Runners-Up). Never in my life did I expect to be called that endearingly. Talk about oddly satisfying.

We added odd satisfaction to the Instagram feeds and gave Neti Pot some Twitter fingers.

Neti Pot’s Oddly Satisfying Word of the Day desk calendar to help you share the feeling at work without acting like a weirdo.

Plus OOH, to gently remind you how your nose will feel on Neti Pot.