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Neti Pot

This is Your Nose on Neti Pot

๐Ÿ† Young Shits โ€” Professional Runner-Up

What I did: Copywriting, Strategy
Neti Pot is the best way to blow your nose. Itโ€™s also the gross-est way, which turns people off before ever giving it a chance. We created a campaign that shows the soothing sensation of Neti Pot through Oddly Satisfying, the irresistible internet trend.  

Young Shits recognized us as Sept 2019โ€™s โ€œProfesh Shits that came so close to winningโ€ (AKA Professional Runners-Up). Never in my life did I expect to be called that endearingly. Talk about oddly satisfying.

We added odd satisfaction to the Instagram feeds and gave Neti Pot some Twitter fingers.

Neti Potโ€™s Oddly Satisfying Word of the Day desk calendar to help you share the feeling at work without acting like a weirdo.

Plus OOH, to gently remind you how your nose will feel on Neti Pot.