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Based in Brooklyn.


︎ BIO

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Mack is a multi-disciplinary creative & copywriter with a strategic disposition.

He’s a creative guy who could never figure out what he wanted to be. He could, however, figure out how he wanted to be. Now, he approaches everything he does with the same “work hard, exude goodness, have fun” open-minded energy. He’s 

Off the clock, he’s probably trying some new thing, making some music, or getting a good ‘ol dose of nature (ideally in the ocean, weather permitting).

For better or for worse, he’s a product of the Jersey Shore. Now, you can find him in Brooklyn.

Wanna chat? Get some coffee? Do some cool stuff together? He’s down — let’s do it!!


Young Shits

Professional Runner-Up Shit
Neti Pot, Sept ‘19


University of Miami

Creative Advertising
2014 - 2018

Courses after college:

︎︎︎ AdHouse Advertising School
Early 2020
︎︎︎Sketch Writing @ UCB
Early 2020
︎︎︎Advanced SCUBA Cert. 
︎︎︎Cannes Liones Student Delegate

📇 CV

Recess Studios  NYC

Strategist | May ‘22 - Today

Byte (part of Dept) NYC

Spotify, Google, Cameo, Pinterest, Waze, TUMI, USA Today, Anchor
Copywriter / Creative Strategist | Oct ‘20 - Apr ‘22

HQ Trivia — NYC

Relaunched HQ’s Twitter by making content, micro-campaigns, and some ~dank~ memes.
Copywriter / Social Strategist | July ‘20 - Feb ‘21

SapientRazorfish / Publicis Sapient  — MIA/ NYC

Global In-House, Jeep. 
Copywriter | May ‘19 - Feb ‘20
Junior Copywriter | Nov ‘18 - May ‘19

I’ve freelanced with...

︎︎︎Fox Sports + Entertainment (not news)
︎︎︎Original Form
︎︎︎Duchene Design