Brooklyn-based copywriter / doer who loves creative but also loves strategy ︎


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Joy. Healthy skepticism. Pleasant surprise.

These are feelings, but they aren’t just any feelings. They’re the feelings I feel when I’m doing what I love: coming up with ideas, learning new things, challenging myself, solving problems, and creating cool stuff. They’re also the feelings I feel when I’m living my outside-of-work life (see gif) — indeliable evidence that I do my best to go through work AND life with the same optimistic, open-minded attitude.

You can catch me working at Byte New York as a Copywriter / Creative Strategist.

You can catch me not-working too. I’ll probably be doing something like running mid-to-long distances, reading pages of something interesting, exploring the crevices of a kitchen, guitar playing, and occasionally pondering the meaning of life (just please don’t ask me to define “occasionally”).

Wanna chat? Get some coffee? Do some cool stuff together? I’m down let’s do it!


Young Shits

Professional Runner-Up Shit
Neti Pot, Sept ‘19


University of Miami

Creative Advertising
2014 - 2018

Courses after college:

︎︎︎ AdHouse Advertising School
January ‘20 - Apr ‘20
︎︎︎Sketch Writing @ UCB
Jan ‘20 - Mar ‘20

📇 CV

Byte (part of Dept) NYC

Spotify, Google, Cameo, Pinterest, Waze, TUMI
Copywriter / Creative Strategist | Oct ‘20 - Today

HQ Trivia — NYC

Relaunched HQ’s Twitter by making content, micro-campaigns, and some ~dank~ memes.
Copywriter / Social Strategist | July ‘20 - Feb ‘21

SapientRazorfish / Publicis Sapient  — MIA/ NYC

Global In-House, Jeep. 
Copywriter | May ‘19 - Feb ‘20
Junior Copywriter | Nov ‘18 - May ‘19

I’ve freelanced with...

︎︎︎Fox Sports + Entertainment (not news)
︎︎︎Original Form
︎︎︎Duchene Design