Hello. I’m Mack. 

Technically, Makena. But Mack for short. 6’5” for tall.

Shamelessly garbage at basketball. Many ask. Most are disappointed. Much better at reaching high places such as shelves, smoke detectors and the tops of some trees.

Grew up on the pre-MTV Jersey Shore*. Those were simpler times. Now I write to defend my homeland’s honor.

*Central Jersey is a myth. There is one god. It’s name is Pork Roll.

Currently copywriting @ Publicis Sapient NYC.

- copywriting @ Publicis Sapient Miami.

- freelancing @ Asylum and CYB Marketing (outside of linear time).

AdHouse NYC, 2020
Upright Citizens Brigade Sketch Writing, 2020
Cannes Lions Student Delegate, 2018
University of Miami, 2018


Last seen in Brooklyn, making the most of this organic joyride
through the void of space along side a handful of quality humans.

︎ If you’re a quality human and would like to get in touch ︎


 mack@mackbateman.com | ︎ ︎